Package Shipping & Receiving

UPS Authorized Service Provider & package receiving available to storage customers

Can’t Receive Packages at Home?

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Telluride Storage offers package acceptance services for our tenants. There are many reasons people can’t (or don’t want to) receive their packages at their home or office.

You may be worried about theft, there may be no one home to receive a package that requires signatures, or it could be something that is going to end up in your storage unit anyway!

Our package acceptance service is a great option for interior designers and other business owners looking to streamline package receiving and storage.

It’s also a safer way to receive expensive items such as bikes, furniture, and more. Find out more below!

Telluride Storage: Your One-Stop Shop For All Things Shipping

Telluride Storage holds the distinction of being both a UPS Authorized Service Provider and UPS Access Point Provider, offering expedited shipping services for packages originating from Telluride, ensuring same-day delivery.

In addition, Telluride Storage extends its services to receiving packages on behalf of storage customers, securely storing them in designated units for convenient retrieval at a later time.

Our package acceptance service caters especially well to interior designers and entrepreneurs seeking efficiency in package management and storage solutions.

This service also provides a secure means of receiving valuable items like bicycles and furniture, offering peace of mind to our clients!

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Shipping & Receiving Services Details

Shipping Services
We ship your UPS Packages here

Flat $10 convenience fee for all packages shipped, regardless of size or weight (not including shipping costs)
For same-day shipping package must be in by 3pm, otherwise package will ship the next business day.
Packages must be under 150 lbs and less than 108” in length
We cannot process QR codes, however, if the customer can provide a printed barcode format, we can process the package
Telluride Storage is a UPS Access Point: no more packages sent back to warehouse for re-delivery
UPS provides $100 of insurance on every package shipped, automatically included in all shipping costs
Receiving FedEx & UPS Deliveries
Packages are delivered to our facility, and then Telluride Storage staff places them in your storage unit

Flat $10 convenience fee for all packages received, regardless of size or weight. (Within UPS, Fedex size restrictions)
This service is for self-storage customers only
Our Handling and Delivery Agreement must be signed before we can accept any packages
Package dimensions must be less than 40” x 82”
Receiving Special Handling Deliveries
Telluride Storage staff will open storage units for deliveries from special carriers (not UPS or FedEx)

Flat $50 fee per delivery
This service is for self-storage customers only
Our Handling and Delivery Agreement must be signed before we can accept any packages
Deliveries are made directly into your storage unit
Item(s) must be less than 40" x 82" (our door size) unless delivered into a garage unit
We may sign for your package from special carriers

Other Details & Questions

Are you interested in making use of our facility’s package acceptance or shipping services?

Check out these FAQs for more information about the service.

If you need any additional help, reach out to us today so that we can help answer your questions and solve your needs to the best of our ability!

Can you accept Amazon QR codes for shipping packages?

Due to legal reasons, we cannot accept Amazon QR codes at this time. However, if you present a printed bar-code label, we can ship your package.

What items will Telluride Storage not accept for package shipping?

Guns, ammunition, coins, money, unset gems, hazardous waste, packages over 150 lbs, packages over 108” in length, packages over 165” in length and girth, items valued over $25,000

For packaging receiving service, can Telluride Storage inspect packages?

We will not inspect any packages—we will only make sure they end up inside your storage unit.

What hours do you accept package deliveries and/or packages for shipping?

Package deliveries and packages for shipments are accepted from 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 9am - 1pm only. However, always check our Google Business Profile for updated hours and holidays. 

What do I need to do before shipping packages TO Telluride Storage?

BEFORE sending any packages to Telluride Storage, you will be required to sign an agreement and coordinate access instructions.